Food For Thought is closing down

As some of you may have read on the Time Out blog, one of London’s best veggie restaurants ‘Food For Thought’ is shutting down. What sad, sad news.

Their website has an announcement in the news section:

What a shame. I love this little place in Covent Garden. It’s right by the Seven Dials (the nicest area of CG), and just down the road from The Cambridge Theatre. I discovered it one evening with my mum. We were in a mad panic to find somewhere quick to eat before watching Matilda, and we just picked it on a whim. It’s one of those classic London bistro style places that is split between a couple of floors, and of course ridiculously busy and cramped.

You can order food from the counter and then find yourself a table (often shared with other people). The food and the atmosphere is all very hippy and homely, a bit like a social club or a canteen or something. There are a lot of people wearing woolly jumpers. I’m not painting the best picture here, but it’s good, healthy, wholesome and most importantly cheap vegetarian food, which is not so easy to come by in central London. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for students and Guardian readers… Oh and my mum too. They usually have a few different curries and stews, some noodles or quiche; don’t expect a lot of choice. They just do a few dishes, but they do them well. Best of all there is often pavlova for dessert, which comes highly recommended.

Apparently the café/restaurant will stay open until the 21st June, so if you haven’t been and it sounds like your cup of tea I suggest a visit. Perhaps go for a bite to eat before seeing a West End show, as I did.

It’s frustrating to hear that another affordable and independent London institution has been pushed out by the chains and tourists that are now swamping Covent Garden. Typical, huh? But there is good news, I have a different veggie restaurant to recommend for when this one shuts:

The Gate
There is a branch in Islington, but I usually go to the Hammersmith one, right by the Apollo. Some of the best brunch food I’ve ever had! Certainly the best vegetarian brunch anyway. It’s upmaket enough to make a nice date setting too. A main costs about £12 if I remember rightly, and brunch is around £6-8.



  1. Ooh, I do like the look of The Gate! For another classy veggie place, the classic is Mildred’s in Soho. How sad, I never visited Food For Thought (too late now, sadly) but it sounds like Beatroot (also Soho) was in that vein . . . though unfortunately that too has closed down, due to the refurbishment of Berwick St. All these disappearing veggie restaurants!

    Oh and if you’re ever Fulham-way then at the less glamorous end (if there is such a thing) of Northend Road is 222, which again is cheap-and-cheerful, and best of all, weekend lunch is all-you-can-eat and actually surprisingly taste and wholesome. Recommended!

    (Thanks for liking my post about Boris biking in London!)

    1. Thanks Robyn! You actually still have time to visit Food For Thought if you like, it’s open until the 21st June.
      Yes I’ve heard Beatroot is good, I will have to go sometime.
      Sad how Soho is changing and our favourite places are closing. I hope some of them stay alive!

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