About me

Hello my name is Louise and I live in Putney.
Where better to be based for tales and tips on London living?


Let’s bore you with my back story….

I was born in Wiltshire, raised in Sussex until I was 10, and then moved to Basel in Switzerland. At 17 I moved out and travelled around India, Australia and SE Asia. After a couple of years I returned to the UK and studied English Literature at Newcastle University. Following graduation I had a short stint up north as an outdoor instructor, after which I finally settled in good ol’ Putney and began working in marketing.

Now, after 18 months of living in London, I work for a little design and publishing company just down the road in Wandsworth. I cycle to work everyday with my packed lunch in tow, although I have to admit when it’s bucketing it down I do hop on the bus, and I have been known to buy a meal deal on occasion.

24692_383090840177_6956264_nAside from the written word, I have a real love for the outdoors and rock climbing. I also enjoy skiing, especially gliding through pristine powder in the backcountry. Both activities should, of course, be rounded off by an evening in the pub. I like to jump around like a maniac at a good live gig or festival too, but then it’s also nice to relax outside on our “deck” (as I like to call it) and listen to some dub or Led Zep and look at the night sky.


If you would like to contact me about my blog then please email me: l.duffell@hotmail.com.
I welcome any freelance writing opportunities.


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